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About Amanda

Amanda Shatzko is considered to be one of the world's top young leaders from the creative industry. Her work is embraced by celebrities to major brands, and politicians to NGO's.

Set the stage

Amanda Shatzko is from the Okanagan Valley, a place known for emerald lakes, vast orchards, wineries, and epic natural spaces to explore and participate in physical activity.

She had her first live stage performance during a dance recital at age five and started competing internationally in rhythmic gymnastics by the age of ten.  Her talents later took her to perform as a professional athlete in the TV and film industry, circus, celebrity and stadium events, and fitness model brand marketing.

With a sense of adventure running through her veins, Amanda isn't afraid to push the boundaries. She pioneered an act called Aerial Art, combining live painting while suspended in the air doing aerial acrobatics (sometimes 40 feet high!).

An advocate for health and fitness, Amanda also understands how body language can set the stage to develop influential communication skills. 

Comfortable addressing an audience, Amanda now speaks regularly at conferences, seminars and events.

Amanda Shatzko fitness model influencer
Amanda Shatzko fitness model


With the experience of working and traveling to over thirty countries, Amanda learned how to successfully communicate across the globe with people from all walks of life.

From dancing with indigenous tribes deep in the jungle, to speaking with global Presidents at the United Nations headquarters in New York, Amanda has developed cross-cultural relations and collaborations.


Inspiring creativity

Expressing polymath traits, like Leonardo da Vinci and Benjamin Franklin, Amanda is profoundly trained in multiple forms of arts and science. She looks for ways to cross-pollinate ideas and skills in numerous fields.

Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries internationally to 25-story-tall billboards in Times Square, New York. You can find her paintings collected by celebrities, live painted in front of crowds of 100,000 people, public art (sculptures) on display in parks, schools, and businesses, and original digital content posted online.

As a notable creative industry expert, Amanda advises arts organizations, business leaders, and the government on best practices and policies.

In fact, Amanda's high school renamed their most prestigious award to the "Amanda Shatzko Dedicated to the Arts Award," awarded annually to the school's top creative student of the year.

Amanda Shatzko public art
Amanda Shatzko diplomacy
Amanda Shatzko United Nations
Amanda Shatzko scholar RRU

Knowledge and wisdom

While Amanda has had life experiences vast beyond her years, she lives an inquisitive life and is a self-proclaimed nerd.

Interested in how humans think and create, Amanda has researched history and the biographies of geniuses and leaders to the physiology and psychology of people. 

As a scholar, Amanda holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Emily Carr), a Master of Arts in Intercultural and International Communication (Royal Roads), certifications (Harvard, Cambridge, Sotheby's), and is a recipient of multiple scholarships and grants. Currently, Amanda is a doctoral student pursuing her Ph.D. at UBC.

Sharing her knowledge with the world, Amanda has written articles for magazines, academic journals, and online platforms.


Defining leadership

While on a journey to pursue personal mastery and world-class excellence, Amanda has caught the eye of the media and the public.

She has been featured on the pages and covers of glossy magazines, newspapers, television, and radio talk shows.

Stepping up to the plate and often serving as the only millennial on boards, Amanda was encouraged, ran, and won a local government election in 2018, making her one of the youngest women in a mayoral position in Canada.

Some of Amanda's other accolades and awards include being recognized as:

  • BC Lieutenant Governor Award (for contribution to the arts)

  • Queens Platinum Jubilee Medal

  • Top 40 Young Global Cultural Leader (GDP)

  • Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women (WXN & Financial Post)

  • BC's 25 Most Powerful Women Leaders (BC Business Magazine)

  • BC Multicultural and Anti-Racism (BC Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture)

  • BC Ambassador for Arts & Culture (Culture Days & BC Ministry)

  • BC Top Forty Under 40 in Business (Business in Vancouver)

  • Top 20 Under 40 (Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce)

  • Multicultural Community Champion (Social Planning North Okanagan)

  • Top Young Canadian Leader (Global Vision)

  • and globally distinguished as a Top 100 World of Difference Award recipient for her exemplary contribution to women's economic empowerment. (TIAW)

Amanda Shatzko influencer cover model
RDNO Amanda Shatzko, Kevin Acton
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