Feel good knowing that when you collect an artwork by Amanda Shatzko -  a portion of your proceeds are used to sponsor humanitarian and nature causes

(such as environmental sustainability, and youth initiatives - so that they can inspire the next generation)


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Leveraging established cultural, communications, and creativity frameworks to address complex challenges.
These are a few of the ways in which I collaborate with organizations, government, and businesses:

Consulting / Advisory

My primary mission is to partner with other organizations and work together on problems where the skills of creativity, innovative thinking and communication strategies can have the most significant impact. If you have a project in mind:


If you think your team may benefit from a deeper understanding of the skill of creativity, I would love the opportunity to hear more about it. Let me know what you need most:


Through in-depth research as a scholar, I have access to a wide network of researchers and artists at top institutions with the purpose of offering research support to organizations that need it. If this might be useful to you:

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