Feel good knowing that when you collect an artwork by Amanda Shatzko -  a portion of your proceeds are used to sponsor humanitarian and nature causes

(such as environmental sustainability, and youth initiatives - so that they can inspire the next generation)


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Start-up Accelerator programs have Executive-in-Residence...
Fortune 500 Companies have Entrepreneur-in-Residence...
Art Organizations and Facilities have Artist-in-Residence...

Innovating the In-Residence Framework

The Creative-in-Residence program is a unique format that is customized to fit your organization's needs.


During this process Amanda becomes part of your team on a contract basis.


Offering her expert advise in-house for a specific term


  • Brainstorming idea's to solve complex problems

  • Conducting research

  • Building stakeholder relations and community engagement

  • Developing proposals and public art policies

  • Implementing collaborative projects


*This option is great for a company or municipal government that wants the benefits of a collaborative member of the team, without the long-term commitment.