Feel good knowing that when you collect an artwork by Amanda Shatzko -  a portion of your proceeds are used to sponsor humanitarian and nature causes

(such as environmental sustainability, and youth initiatives - so that they can inspire the next generation)


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Why I created this blog

Or in terms of a leader declaring their motives... my manifesto...

Amanda Shatzko, Young Global Cultural Leader, Creativity Expert

I began this journey as an ambitious creative who wanted to become distinguished and the top of my field.

Over the past decade, I researched and spoke with world leaders, worked contracts to learn how specific industries operated and created experiments to pursue the next level of my career.

What I discovered is:

1. Most creatives and artists have no idea how or why they are creative.

(though there is recent scientific research which I will share with you soon)

2. Most of society has the belief that creativity is a ‘god given talent’ and not a learned skill.

(even though it is a learnable skill through deliberate practice)

Leading many people to give up and are afraid to touch creativity with a ten-foot pole!

In 2016 I read in a World Economic Forum report, that by 2020 the 3rd most crucial skill for jobs will be creativity. (This is due to the rapid advancement of technology. As we rely more on machines to make strategic decisions by computing data and manual labour, humans will be needed to supply the last thing machines can do: creativity)

I understand that its essential humanity improves the state of the world (everything from the environment to how we can live in a society with diverse cultures). A significant factor in developing the world is through innovation and jobs.

And with the announcement that creativity will be one of the most important factors, the first thing I thought of was $#!*?!. How are we supposed to help change the world for the better, when most of society lacks the confidence in one of the essential core skills for the future?

I have come to terms that I’m not the only person who needs this valuable information. One person can not change the world on their own (only influence it), it takes a group/tribe working together (like the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)).

You may not desire to reach the heights I am seeking. (Just like how not everyone will want to work on becoming a professional athlete, yet it doesn't mean you can't enjoy the sport and understand the game). However, along with my journey, if I can share how to develop the necessary skills of creativity, the odds are it can improve your life, job, and the world.

So here is my promise to you… I will share and post valuable information and opportunities that can help regarding becoming more creative.

All I ask for in return is that if you find the information valuable, please share with your friends and co-workers. They probably need it too…