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As a content creator, Amanda has turned some of her research into shareable visual posts.
Creativity will be the 3rd most important skill for jobs by 2020
(According to World Economic Forum)
Creativity is the MOST important leadership quality according to 60% of Global CEO's
(reports IBM)
47% of jobs are at risk of automation
(According to Oxford study)
78% of hiring managers believed creativity is required for economic growth
(According to Adobe study)
Economic impact of the Canadian cultural sector is $53.1 billion/ 2.7% of the Canadian GDP.
This surpasses sports ($6.6 billion), utilities ($46 billion), accommodations & food ($46 billion), and combined agriculture,forestry, fisheries, and hunting ($39 billion)
(According to Stats Canada 2017)
75% of people feel they are not living up to their potential to be creative
(According to Adobe study)
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