Feel good knowing that when you collect an artwork by Amanda Shatzko -  a portion of your proceeds are used to sponsor humanitarian and nature causes

(such as environmental sustainability, and youth initiatives - so that they can inspire the next generation)


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Live Art

Amanda live paints in the air on a floating canvas, and on the ground on an easel (often with celebrities, raising funds for charity). If you are interested in booking Amanda to live paint at your next event please send an inquiry through Amanda's contact page.

Growing up on the stage since the age of 5, you can say I have developed a curiosity about what types of performances engage an audience.


After years of training in a variety of performing art genre's with world-class talent  (from television sets with celebrities to professional athletes, and cultural choreographers), I have experimented with creative combinations.


The most innovative and sought-after performance would be "Aerial Art'  - the first of its kind in the world, a new genre of live painting