Feel good knowing that when you collect an artwork by Amanda Shatzko -  a portion of your proceeds are used to sponsor humanitarian and nature causes

(such as environmental sustainability, and youth initiatives - so that they can inspire the next generation)


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Amanda Shatzko and her team supports creatives, business professionals, and government to lead and affect change with purpose, creativity, and collaboration.

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The world is changing at a rapid rate as technology advances how we communicate and work locally and globally.


Exponential technologies are disrupting traditional business models, automating many jobs, while creating new career paths.  Now more than ever it is important to harness and leverage our distinct human competitive advantage... creativity


According to the World Economic Forum, by 2020 the top skills humanity and jobs will require is creativity, problem-solving, and the ability to collaborate with others. Long-story-short: if you want to reap the benefits of globalization and make an impact on tomorrow's world, you'll need to become more creative.

Creativity will be the 3rd most important skill for jobs by 2020
(According to World Economic Forum)
Creativity is the MOST important leadership quality according to 60% of Global CEO's
(reports IBM)
47% of jobs are at risk of automation
(According to Oxford study)

After two decades of creating, researching, collaborating, teaching, directing, and designing, I’ve had my fair share of experiences, trials, and successes that involved the process of creative thinking.


A question I’m often asked is “How in the world did you come up with that idea?” Well, I’m here to let you know that creativity is a skill that can be learned - like a sport.  And just like a sport, an experienced elite level coach can take your aspirations to a higher level.


Making connections between divergent ideas and skills is what I do best.  Having the ability to recognize patterns and apply strategies across industries is how innovation and creative thinking works. Taking a collaborative approach, along with implementing strategies can enhance your success.


I believe everyone can be creative, and that it is an essential tool that humans use to express themselves, problem-solve, communicate, shape cultures, innovate, and imagine projects. Allow me to support you and your team in learning or using creative intelligence skills. And so I am here not just to help those who are interested in becoming more creative, but also those who want to create things that will change our lives and transform our future.


This site is designed with resources from recommended services on how to work directly with me to downloadable tools.  Have fun exploring, and feel free to reach out!


78% of hiring managers believed creativity is required for economic growth
(According to Adobe study)
Economic impact of the Canadian cultural sector is $53.4 billion/ 3.4% of the Canadian GDP.
This surpasses sports ($5.2 billion), utilities ($35 billion), accommodations & food ($32 billion), and natural resources (agriculture,forestry, fisheries etc) ($23 billion)
(According to Stats Canada)
75% of people feel they are not living up to their potential to be creative
(According to Adobe study)


"A contemporary visual journalist for our time.”

—  Icon Okanagan Magazine